Mox and Nat - Love Story

There's always a new way to tell a love story. Not that the normal narrative isn't good enough. Love stories are love stories, and they're always extra special when they're yours. How it's told, however, makes a world of difference, especially if it's your special someone's unrefined, unedited, honest-to-goodness point of view. That's usually where the magic really starts.

We were really excited about having a new take on love stories. The theme of Mox and Nat's video is inspired by fliptop lines - those cheesy, in-your-face, but sometimes weirdly kakakilig lines thrown around by witty, quick-thinking gents on popular TV. With the game couple (and their friends), the end result was a crazy-funny compilation of loverboy tips to get the girl.

And this girl in particular, he'll be marrying in a few days.

Here's the Teaser/Save the Date.

And the main love story.

Jeff and Ria - Wedding

Jeff and Ria make one of the loveliest, most down to earth couples we have ever had the honor to meet.

We had also worked with them for their love story. They met a while back in the days of phonepals and "eyeballs," and went on a long distance relationship until they finally settled in Singapore together. There were no frills and fanfare, just genuine friendship, affection, and a quiet happiness that was not very hard to capture. We feel that this is precisely what made their Same Day Edit extra special. Ria was not feeling well that day, but she was aglow. Jeff was candid, the perfect groom, dutifully greeting the guests while making fun of his own nervousness. It was, even for us, a happy, happy day.

Henjie and Angel - Wedding

It was a starry, starry night when Jie and Angel tied the knot in late December.

When we got to their hotel room, the Presidential Suite at the Hyatt in Manila (now one of our favorite prep rooms), Angel was almost all made up, buzzing and bubbly and all excited. Nothing beats an upbeat bride so early on the big day, and we actually favor a bride ready for her closeup in her special prep dress. Yay! More footage, more photos! She kept the same spirits all though the day, from the moment she marched through the church doors in her impeccably embellished gown, to mingling with their guests at the reception. And yes, Jie, the groom, was such a trooper too. A seemingly happy-go-lucky groom shedding tears as his bride walks down the aisle is one of the most wonderful moments we love to capture.  

The couple saw through the littlest details to pull off their wedding theme. Stars, stars, and more stars glittered their wedding details and paraphernalia, and we couldn't help but join in the fun and add some of our own on their Same Day Edit.

W@W Top 10 Wedding Suppliers of 2013

On our (almost) 2nd year, we were again pleasantly surprised to be included in one of's Top 10 Suppliers of the Year! Yaaaaay!!!

A big big thank you to our awesome couples for your trust and support, and again to and the W@Wies for the wonderful opportunity! 

Here are W@W's Top 10 Wedding Suppliers of 2013:

(in alphabetical order)

Aira Franco
(Prenup Styling)
Aisle 1401


W@W's 2013 Supplier of the Year:
K by Cunanan Catering

Our heartfelt congratulations to the 2013 Top 10, Top 5, and the Supplier of the Year!
Your patience, hard work, and dedication to your craft has not only been an inspiration but also an amazing gift to all the couples you've blessed!

View the Weddings at Work official 2013 Top Ten announcement here.
Watch the Top 10 feature by SEQUEL by Threelogy Video here.
Check out the official photos of the 2013 W@W Christmas Party and Awards night by Pictratto Photography here.

Rain and Joyce - Wedding

A suuuper long overdue post!

Here's one of our favorites from last year's December marathon. We were blessed with the opportunity to cover the wedding of one of the sweetest, most adorable, hands-on brides, and the most dashing Italian groom. We had spent some time with Rain and Joyce just a little before the big day, working on their Mini-Series Teasers, so by the time we took the "journey" to their wedding in Liliw, Laguna, we pretty much had a clear idea of their personalities and preferences. Their beautifully executed vineyard-inspired wedding was extremely heartwarming, and it was one of those where we felt much like friends and guests and less like suppliers, as we took in the contagious happiness and emotions throughout the day. Yes, Bambino and Bambina, we did laugh and cry with you behind the scenes. It's been almost a year, and we still do when we watch your Same Day Edit :)

Ti vogliamo bene! Ci manchi!

Daniel and Cash - Prenup Video

We've been playing with green screens a lot lately, so this week, we thought of posting one of our first experiments from earlier this year.

Daniel and Cash were after a pre-wedding video that was laid back but a bit different. They came up with the idea of a puzzle, something that would show that they've found their "missing piece." It was a big jump from their original concept, but it was a great opportunity for us to play around a bit with the video. Yay!

Shot at Bonifacio High Street on a day with troll weather (it was rain and shine and rain and shine all day), we followed Daniel and Cash around while they hung out and did the things that, well, they usually did together.

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